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  • What is fiberglass?
    What is fiberglass?
    on 2013-6-16

    Fiberglass  is a common type of fiber-reinforced plastic using glass fiber. The fibers may be randomly arranged, flattened into a sheet (called a chopped strand mat), or woven into a fabric. The plastic matrix may be a thermoset polymer matrix – most often based on thermosetting polymers such as epoxy, polyester resin, or vinylester – or a thermoplastic. Cheaper and […]

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  • Safety Survey of Water Park
    Safety Survey of Water Park
    on 2013-6-1

    The first impression of the public on water park is that the water park is popular, colorful, and flow, etc. But the more impressive thing is that the number of casualties caused by its safety accidents and the loss of group death. Safety is a lifeline for water parks, and a serious safety accident can destroy a water park project. The last […]

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  • How to Open a Water Park?
    How to Open a Water Park?
    on 2013-5-24

    There are not two the same water park in the world. Market demand, regional competition, urban size, traffic conditions, consumer attitudes are not the same, use a very different means of investment planning; preferences and value of tourists and investors often do not match the value proposition; pursuing the larger land site, the more bigger equipment means that corresponding investment […]

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  • Steps to Invest a Water Park
    Steps to Invest a Water Park
    on 2013-5-15

    With the development of people’s living standard, there are more needs for people to play water, especially water park, which sets recreation, relaxation and entertainment all in one. Water parks are very popular once they are built somewhere. After contacting with so many investors for a few years, we found that they don’t know much about the steps of building […]

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