What is the cost to build a 30,000 sq. ft.(2787sqm) indoor water park?

Before the answer, we should know where will be the water park project? China or American? The cost of any construction work in American may vary 2 – 4 times , when compared with the same thing in China, let along water park.

According to our experience, the investment cost of outdoor water park oversimplified consists of water park equipment cos, site construction cost(including ancillary service facilities,water park accessories etc) and land cost. So a indoor water park will produce extra cost for the indoor building. Normally land will be forever there and will increase in value after decades, so we did not think about the land cost here.


Back to a 30,000 sq. ft.(2787sq.m.) indoor water park, we can make calculate the cost for reference.

  1. Cost of indoor building

As we known, if the height of steel building is below 10 meters, the cost of steel indoor building is about USD100/sq.m;if the height of steel building is over 10 meters, the cost of steel indoor building is about USD100-180/sq.m. It varies according to the price of steel material, roof height, building span, labor in different region.

So the cost of a 30,000 sq. ft.(2787sq.m.) indoor building is around 400,000USD.


  1. Cost of water park equipment

Cost of a water park equipment can be big or small, if target market is good, like big city, budget can be rich, if target market is a small town,budget should be small.

However, the cost of water park equipment for full function is around 400,000USD, including artificial wave pool, artificial lazy river, fiberglass water slide, water house, kids pool aqua games, water filter system etc.

If you want to make a fine water park, the budget can be 600,000USD, so you can make something big equipment as name card for promotion. Don’t forget the space limited here.

Of course, if the budget is good, water slide can be complex, such as water slide out and back to the indoor building, here the cost for water park equipment don’t have a limitation.

Let’s say, cost for water park equipment is 500,000USD.


  1. Cost of site construction

The cost of site construction is around 1.2-2 times compared to the water park equipment(Data from client of Vison waterparks), the cost of this part are mainly made of civil work(concrete work like tower, machine room, pool, road, parking lot etc ), water park accessories(ticket system, office furniture, video, lighting, air conditioner, inflatable tube etc), thematic decoration( theming decoration, greening etc) and other expense(installation, tax, preparation, promotion etc).

Here we suppose the site construction cost is 750,000USD.

After these calculation, we have a relative clear idea, the cost to build a 30,000 sq. ft.(2787sq.m.) indoor water park is around 1,650,000USD.


Please note that all the data are collected from Vison Waterparks in the condition of China market, for reference only. Overseas projects should take the international transportation, tax, extra cost into consideration.

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