Why do water parks use height as a measurement for entry rather than weight or age restriction?

This answer is from water park equipment manufacturer.

You should remember that the purpose of measurement for entry is to ensure safety.

When the water park equipment or amusement park equipment are designed, designer have to think the max payload of the equipment. They will calculate and simulate how it works in all conditions, wind, weight, tall, with cloth or without cloth, by tube or without tube, especially how is the weight effect the stable of the equipment operation.

Because height is the most simple way to confirm in management rules, compared to other measurements. And the weight will some positive relatively to the height. Even some people are fat or thin, it is still under designer’s consideration and safety.

As water park equipment supplier, we will give water owner a restriction how to use the water slide, it mainly depends on weight in fact. For better visitor experience and safety, water park management team may do some change to their situation, such as limitations in Southeast Asia project for one slide is 1.4-1.9 meter, but it is 1.3-1.8 meter in North America for the same equipment. The instructor just want to ensure the safety, they don t have time to check everyone’s weight and age.

The is the reason why water park use height rather than weight or age as measurement for entry.

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